"Some stunning performances, some wonderful musical memories.

How could you miss with artists of that caliber?


It is easy to get hooked.


You may want to go back year after year. "

- American Record Guide


"The quality of performance is amazingly high."

- Musical America



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Music Festival Posters

As described on the About Us page, we started as the Kapalua Music Festival in 1982. For over 10 years, founder Colin Cameron commissioned local artists to create original works that became Festival posters. We have been gifted by Maui Land & Pineapple Company with posters across five years, as shown below. We will be offering these posters for sale at the upcoming 38th Annual Festival and afterwards. A number of the posters have recently been signed by the artists.

 The  suggested  donation  for  a  signed  poster  is  $20  ($30  including  postage  and  handling); the  suggested  donation  for  an  unsigned  poster  is  $10  ($20  including postage and handling).

Esteemed Maui artist George Allan offered the image of his work, “Vibrant Koi Pond,” to create our 35th Anniversary poster.  We deeply appreciate George's generosity.  This anniversary poster, signed by George, will be available for sale at our 2017 Festival Season.


The suggested donation for the signed poster is $20 ($30 including postage and handling).


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